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Easy EDGAR Alerts.

Track Disclosures

Follow disclosures about any topic. Great for ESG, compliance, risk management, finance, ongoing legal actions, and more. Whatever you're focusing on, you can track.

Cost Effective

Tenkew only charges a fraction of the cost of other providers and there are no long-term contracts tying you down. Cancel anytime.

Analyze Trends

How many companies made disclosures about crypto last year? With saved searches and alerts you'll know even if the company hasn't disclosed it previously.


Everyone researching SEC filings is looking for something a little different. What will you discover?

It's never been easier to create and manage EDGAR alerts

1. Enter a search term

This can be something simple like “Austria” or something complex like :

(((fcpa OR “foreign corrupt practices act”) w/50 subpoe*) W/20 (violat* OR investigat*))

2. Quickly review the results

Browse through matches in seconds with a preview of the keyword hits in context. 

3. Create an alert

Save your search and get an alert anytime a new SEC filing matches your search term.